NSTableView Disappearing Text

November 23rd, 2016

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I was having a problem with disappearing text in a table view in a Mac application I’m developing. Selecting an item in the table view erased that item’s text from the table view. The table view is part of a split view. Dragging the split view’s divider erased the text from every item in the table view.

Finding the cause of the disappearing text was difficult. I had other projects with table views in a split view whose text wasn’t erased. I couldn’t see any differences in the projects whose table views kept their text and the project that erased the table view text.

I eventually discovered the cause of the disappearing table text: source list highlighting. Changing the table view’s highlighting from source list to regular fixed the issue. I can now drag the split view divider without erasing the text of every item in the table view.


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