Learning to Write Modern Cocoa Apps Is Aggravating

If you’ve tried learning Cocoa programming to develop Mac apps, you probably have encountered frustration. You heard great things about Swift, but most of the examples in Apple’s Mac programming documentation are written in Objective-C. You read through Apple’s programming guides and learn they haven’t been updated in years.

You search online for tutorials and articles on Mac programming and discover things aren’t much different than Apple’s documentation. The tutorials are old and the code is written in Objective-C. You can find lots of tutorials on iOS programming that use Swift but they don't apply to the Mac. If you want to write Mac apps in Swift, you’re left to fend for yourself or ask questions on Stack Overflow and hope someone answers.

What If There Was an Easier Way?

What if you didn’t have to fend for yourself? What if there was a book to guide you through creating modern Cocoa apps using Swift?

I'm in the planning stages on such a book. Some of the topics I would like to cover in the book include the following:

  • Using auto layout to create user interfaces
  • Creating view-based table views instead of the old cell-based table views
  • Working with storyboards
  • View controllers
  • New container views, such as stack and collection views

The book would use the latest version of Swift so you wouldn't have to go through the hassle of translating the code to the latest Swift syntax.

What About Marzipan?

You may have heard rumors about Marzipan, a framework Apple is developing to allow developers to more easily develop apps that run on both iOS and Mac. Why write a book on making Mac apps if Marzipan is coming at WWDC in June?

Marzipan is just a rumor right now. No one outside of Apple knows anything about it. If it turns out that Marzipan is the new way to make Mac apps, I won't write the book. I'm not going to waste my time writing a book that would be obsolete before I publish it.

Are You Interested in a Modern Cocoa Book?

The reason I said the book is in the planning stages is that I'm not sure how much demand there is for a book on using Cocoa to develop modern Mac apps. I noticed the Big Nerd Ranch, authors of the most popular book on programming Cocoa apps, don't even have their Cocoa book on their list of books they publish.

Maybe Mac development is dead and everyone is developing iOS apps. If you think the previous sentence is wrong and you want to learn how to develop modern Mac apps, sign up for my newsletter using the form below. I promise not to spam you. If no one signs up for the newsletter, I will take that as a sign that there's no interest in an up-to-date book on Cocoa programming.

I want a book on writing modern Mac apps in Swift