Installing the Standard Event Handlers

To use Carbon events in your application, you must call the function RunApplicationEventLoop(). This function installs the standard application event handler and dispatches events to event handlers.

void GameApp::EventLoop(void)

For a fullscreen game, calling RunApplicationEventLoop() is all you need to call to use the event handlers you write. Write event handlers for the keyboard and mouse and install a Carbon event timer (Read my article on Carbon event timers for more information) to run your game loop. Now you have a full-featured control scheme without writing a lot of code.

If you’re using Mac OS X windows in your application, you should install the standard window event handler. Call InstallStandardEventHandler() and supply a target, which will be a window for a window event handler.

WindowRef window; 
OSStatus error;

error = InstallStandardEventHandler(GetWindowEventTarget(window));

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